Business Security

Video surveillance monitoring and reporting
TAS Security Systems offers a full menu of made-to-order security services to safeguard your business of any size or nature — may it be retail, restaurant, manufacturing, or service — at a single site or multiple locations. Our professional-class security measures include but far exceed merely the near impenetrable entrances and other potential accesses. Video monitoring and reporting, cost saving energy management, and remote access control allow business owners to oversee foot traffic and other normal, as well as deviant, activity. These include:

  • Auto-arming confirms that your security system is armed when it should be
  • Set automated arming schedules
  • Manage multiple locations in one centralized control panel
  • Manage staff user codes and disable code access for departed employees
  • Remotely lock and unlock any designated door to permit or prevent entry
  • Capture pictures of critical incidences 24/7
  • Set “open for business” hours and receive notifications for late arriving and early departing employees

Commercial video surveillance
Cloud-hosted commercial-grade video surveillance service and storage can’t be intentionally (by an intruder) or accidently disabled onsite or damaged in the case of a fire or flood. No matter what occurs at the business, the system is reliable and secure.

Reports tell the story of business bustle
In addition to access to live and recorded video clips, system sensors also track and analyze employee and customer traffic and provide daily and weekly reports that show lull and peak times. Monitoring the business is made easy whenever and however business owners and management need to observe.

Energy management reduces waste and costs
It has never been easier to reduce energy waste. Remote control access to thermostats, indoor lighting and outdoor security lighting, and office machines and devices gives business owners control over workday settings as well as when the facility is unoccupied. Remote controls can also reprogram schedules or override timers.  

Smart “Crash & Smash” protection
Patented by, Crash & Smash security protection detection technology considerably reduces the likelihood of a crash and smash invasion at your property. However, should such a breach occur, the knowing intruder listens for the 30-second entry delay beeping and quickly locates and smashes the control panel before the entry delay expires. Believing that the security system has been disabled, the intruder begins to carry out his unlawful plan only to be captured by law enforcement.     

How is this possible? Upon the illegal entry, an ‘entry delay’ message was transmitted and received. However, when the expected “disarm” message wasn’t received within a few minutes, it automatically sent a ‘suspected Crash & Smash’ signal to the central station at which point the police were immediately notified and dispatched to the crime location.

The Crash & Smash detection also works during the Dialer Delay so the property remains protected even if the intruder sidesteps the entry delay doors and finds another way in. Immediately upon the security system launching into an alarm state, a ‘pending alarm’ signal is transmitted and can be routed to the central station, even if an ‘alarm’ message is not received shortly thereafter due to panel damage.