If you are having trouble determining what type of system you have or are just trying to find a user manual click here to check our alarm museum.

We are licensed low voltage contractors for the state of New Mexico. Our service department excels in repairing, maintaining, and servicing a variety of alarm products. Whether you have an old Moose system or an advanced HID based access control and video surveillance system, our techs are highly experienced in a variety of hardware spanning many years of the alarm industry.

We are able to resolve many minor issues with a variety of systems over the phone free of charge.  Don't hesitate to call 505-881-0001 or Email us and see if we can trouble shoot your issues without the need for a service call.

Unique in the alarm industry, we have a store front at 2712 Carlisle Blvd NE in Albuquerque where we can provide anything from basic contacts and batteries to complete Do-It-Yourself systems and assistance for customers who prefer to work on their own systems.

Labor Rates:

Monitored Residential Customers $79.95per hour*
Monitored Commercial Customers $99.95per hour*
Non-Monitored Residential Customers $99.95per hour*
Non-Monitored Commercial Customers Call for a
FREE Estimate
  *One hour minimum increments
We DO work on non-monitored systems as long as they are not currently monitored by any other alarm company and do not require a monitoring contract to repair or service your systems.

If you think you need a battery replacement for your alarm's control panel, bring down your current battery and we will test it. Dead batteries will be properly recycled so that the lead which they contain doesn't end up in our landfill.  The most common control panel batteries run between $24.95 and $29.95, and we regulary stock them in our store.

Contact TAS

(505) 881-0001